Professional Bark & Mulch in Everett

Tyler’s Lawn Salon provides professional mulch and bark installation for home owners in the Everett, Washington area. Installing bark and mulch to your yard is not only a beautiful addition but also provides organic weed control by trapping weed seeds preventing their growth. Mulch also prevents the soil from compacting and assures proper drainage which is very important in the pacific northwest.

Do your yard and garden a favor and let the professionals at Tyler’s Lawn Salon help you determine the best bark or mulch for the specific needs of your yard or garden. 

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What’s the difference between bark and mulch?

At Tyler’s Lawn Salon we have first hand experience in the benefits of different bark and mulch depending on the unique need and application for your yard. Mulch is an organic material used as a top dressing for your garden. This top dressing may consist of compost mulch, sawdust, straw, hay or most commonly; bark mulch.

Bark mulch is the most beneficial types of mulch available. Bark mulch is made from shredded tree bark which is available in fine, medium or large pieces as a top dressing for your garden beds

How do I spread mulch?

Spreading mulch isn’t rocket science, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy endeavor. The professional mulch and bark services at Tyler’s Lawn Salon are experienced, fast and efficient and handle the process for you. We work with you to understand your desired outcome and handle the mulch installation for you. 

The first step is to determine how much mulch you need. We measure the area to get the amount of mulch needed, which is measured in yards. 

The cost per yard varies depending on the type of mulch required for your unique lawn and garden. We help you understand the cost-benefit of the different types of mulch available.

How will the mulch get to me? Ordering and transporting mulch isn’t easy. Once we determine and order the bark and mulch, we handle the delivery for you.

Installing the mulch is the most difficult part, especially if you have a large area where mulch is needed. We handle the dirty job of professionally installing and spreading the mulch for you!

What are the benefits of bark and mulch?

The landscapers at Tyler’s Lawn Salon in the Everett area use bark and mulch for many reasons. In addition to the clean, beautiful aesthetic bark and mulch adds to your lawn, there are many practical and functional benefits of adding beauty bark or organic mulch to your lawn.

  • Discourages weeds from growing
  • Conserves soil moisture benefiting plant or flower growth
  • Adds protection for roses, perennials and other plants
  • Adds and enhances the beauty of your flower, plant and garden beds
  • Provides weather protection for plants and flowers against the weather and rain
  • Keeps the surrounding soil cool
  • Prevents and keeps dust from blowing and spreading in your lawn
  • Has a durable, long lasting application
  • Helps and improves the soil fertility and benefits as the mulch composts
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Adds a beautiful and decorative touch to enhance the appearance of your yard

When should I mulch?

If your soil is exposed or drying out, adding mulch is crucial to help moisture the soil. The longer you leave exposed soil, the more difficult it will be to rejuvenate and add necessary moisture back to the soil.

At Tyler’s Lawn Salon we recommend adding mulch in early spring and late fall but there is no bad time to apply mulch to your yard or garden. By adding mulch in early spring you prevent and slow weed growth and adding needed nutrients to the soil. Having professional mulch installation in the fall prevents soil from compacting and eroding while protecting soil and plant roots from freezing.

Best mulch installation services near Everett?

We are biased, but Tyler’s Lawn Salon has been providing bark and mulch installation services to the Everett area for 10 years. We have a proven track record of excellent customer satisfaction proven by our excellent reviews.

Trust the professionals at Tyler’s Lawn Salon and let us handle the dirty job of mulch installation and get the beautiful look your yard and garden beds deserve in addition to the many practical benefits mulch provides to your plants and flowers!

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