Lake Stevens Landscaping Services

Tyler’s lawn Salon has been serving the business owners and residents of Lake Stevens for the better part of a decade. Professional landscaping services accompanied with a systematic approach to make sure your property is well taken care of while you’re living life and creating lasting memories is exactly what Tyler’s Lawn Salon is aiming for.

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New Construction Landscaping

Lake Stevens property developers and custom home builders choose Tyler’s Lawn Salon to provide exceptional landscaping services because of the value engineering advice, attention to detail, and reasonable pricing. We have been serving Lake Stevens general contractors, builders, and property managers for many years now. Our dynamic approach to providing a multitude of landscaping services in a timely manner is why the Lake Stevens experts choose Tyler’s Lawn Salon.

Professional Lawn Renovation

Renovating a yard is a relatively simple process. The overall goal is to improve the conditions without completely removing or damaging the foliage and vegetation. During the renovation it is important that we do not change the grade of your lawn as drainage and other factors can be impacted. Prime yard candidates for a renovation in Lake Stevens include lawns affected by drought, pests, and overshadowing. It’s important to note that newly seeded areas will require a bit more care than established lawns.

Professional Mulch Installation

Tyler’s Lawn Salon provides professional mulch installation for home owners and business owners in the greater Lake Stevens area. Providing mulch to your yard can provide an organic weed control as it can help prevent weeds from growing, not to mention it provides a nice look to the yard. Mulch also prevents the soil from compacting and assures proper drainage which is very important in a rainy climate like Lake Stevens. Whatever your needs, big or small our professionals at Tyler’s Lawn Salon are here for you.

Professional Landscape Clean-up

The Pacific Northwest climate, especially in Lake Stevens, can be extremely beautiful however the weather can also turn windy and ugly very quickly. When it does turn, your yard can transform into a debris field littered with trash from a neighbor, tree limbs, and branches in a blink of an eye. Tyler’s Lawn Salon will provide the piece of mind and expert approach to quickly handle your lawn clean up services rain or shine.

Professional Sod Installation

Sod is a great choice for business and homeowners in Lake Stevens that want a yard that looks established and healthy right after installation. There are many reasons why sod is the “go to” choice amongst landscaping professionals in Lake Stevens, or western Washington for that matter. Tyler’s Lawn Salon is the professional landscaping contractor capable of installing your new yard in a systematic and efficient manner so you can get on with what’s most important in life.

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