Lawn Renovation Services

Tyler’s Lawn Salon specializes in providing Lawn Renovation Services to commercial properties and residential homes across the area. We have the expertise and resources to revitalize your lawn and completely transform your outdoor space. We will create a landscape foundation that is aesthetically pleasing and primed for growth. After assessing your property, we’ll be able to determine what services are necessary to revive your lawn.

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Is Your Lawn In Need Of Some Restoration?

Does your yard consist of sad patches of mismatched grass, bare spots, and weeds? It’s probably time to renovate your lawn. Renovating your lawn can be a daunting task. Take the stress out of this project and let the professionals at Tyler’s Lawn Salon restore your yard from start to finish. We provide fully customizable solutions that can be tailored to your unique lawn needs

What Is A Lawn Renovation?

Lawn renovation is a process of improving existing conditions without removing all existing vegetation. When renovating a lawn, you also do not change the grade that your grass rests on. Lawns that are thin from drought, pests, or overshading are perfect candidates for lawn renovation. It’s important to keep in mind that only certain grass types are compatible when overseeding a lawn and that the newly seeded areas will require different care than established lawns.

Common Lawn Renovation Services


Dethatching is the buildup of dead roots and grass that have been compacted under the surface of your lawn. It acts as a tightly weaved barrier that prevents nutrients, like water and oxygen, from reaching the roots of your grass. Most times, thatch is not visible, and you’ll only notice a problem when the lack of nutrients causes the grass to brown or die on the surface. We will break up any thatch and pull it to the surface for removal.


Core aeration is a necessary follow-up to our thatching service. We create space that allows air, water, and nutrients to breach soil and reach the roots of your grass by using equipment that pulls plugs of dirt from the ground. Aerate for stronger roots, better growth the following season, reduced soil compaction, easier lawn maintenance, and more!


The first thing people will notice about your house is a well-manicured lawn, a lawn like that starts with proper seeding. There are many factors that need to be considered when seeding your lawn. Preparation of the soil, choosing the right seeds, and appropriate watering schedules are vital for the success of the seeds to take and your lawn to have success.

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