New Construction Landscape Installation

Tyler’s Lawn Salon offers home builders and developers a quick and simple solution to landscaping for projects big and small. We have been serving general contractors, builders, property managers, and new homeowners in the Pacific Northwest for many years. Our dynamic approach to providing a variety of services in a timely manner is why the experts choose Tyler’s Lawn Salon.

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Proven Process

Our Professionals at Tyler’s Lawn Salon have established a great process when working with new construction home builders and new homeowners. We fully understand all the stresses that come with building a home for clients, which is exactly why we have designed a systematic approach to ensure no details get left by the wayside. 

Efficient Workflow

We firmly believe in the mantra of “work smarter not harder.” Our process has allowed us to work more efficiently on the job site. We have clear directives that allow us to maintain focus and complete the workflow as not to hold up or get in the way of other contractors that may be working on site alongside us. 

Dynamic Scheduling

Building a new home or developing a multifamily structure can be very complicated. Scheduling and coordinating can be a literal nightmare for some. Tyler’s Lawn Salon is extremely flexible and coordination is simple. We work closely with general contractors and developers to ensure the schedule is maintained and stays on track.

New Construction Sod Installation

Tylers Lawn Salon has provided new construction sod installation for many years. This vital step to completing a brand new construction home for the homeowners really ties the outside of the home together. We provide a quick and efficient process for home builders and developers to meet deadlines. Experience matters when picking your sub contractors and we fully understand the massive amounts of coordination that takes place in the creation of a new construction home. Tyler’s Lawn Salon is here to help you get the job done!

Professionalism Matters

Tyler’s Lawn Salon provides the utmost professional new construction landscape installation services in the Pacific Northwest. We truly listen and provide value engineering feedback to keep expenses low and get the most value out of the project. Our business model allows us to create long lasting relationships that we can continue to exercise while providing amazing landscapes to clients, homeowners, and our furry companions alike. 

New Construction Experience

We have been working side by side with custom home builders for many years now. We fully understand the complexities to the coordination and timeliness associated with producing quality products. We will continue to provide top tier service to builders, developers, and homeowners alike. Our goal is to quickly and efficiently provide a landscape that helps complete the beautiful structure without going over budget and overtime. Tyler’s Lawn Salon is your full service lawn care specialists capable of handling projects of all sizes. 

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