Professional Landscape Clean-up

We understand living life can be hectic. That’s why Tyler’s Lawn Salon has a simple solution to take care of your lawn so you don’t have to. Our clean up service has helped real estate agents close deals, homebound individuals, and just busy homeowners.

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Plant Shaping

Tyler’s Lawn Salon can help shape and design your plants and shrubs to look like elegant pieces of living art. Not only does it make your lawn look good, it is imperative to overall plant health. Shaping your plants will accentuate your lawn or garden and provide a simple yet modern touch. We can schedule continuous or single appointments as needed. 

Hedge Trimming

Well grown plants are the foundation of any hedge design. The best plants for hedges will fine textured foliage, and will be able to cope with continual pruning. We will trim and remove any excess trimmings so your lawn and hedges look well kempt year round. We can schedule continuous appointments like most clients or provide a one time service if needed. 

Weed Removal

Tyler’s Lawn Salon provides a full service weed removal service ready to tackle your garden beds and flower beds. Weeds can be pesky and hard to remove, let the professionals handle it while you carry on with your daily activities. We are environmentally conscious when removing weeds as we want to keep the earth and your lawn as healthy as possible. 

Leaf Pickup

We provide exceptional leaf pickup and removal services for your beautiful lawn and landscape. While dead leaves can be an excellent source of mulch or ground cover, a lot of leaves covering your grass could kill it. We will ensure that your lawn is looking proper throughout the year by raking, blowing, and removing all tree debris and leaves. 

Mowing & Edging

Leaf Pickup

Tyler’s Lawn Salon provides grass mowing and edging services to satisfy a baseball groundskeeper. Mowing and edging are essential services to any landscaping crew and Tyler’s Lawn Salon has surely mastered this service. Accommodating to any and all lifestyles we can be available to keep your lawn looking in tip top shape. 

Mulching Services

Why Mulch? Why not! Mulch is a great way to trap moisture and nutrients for the soil and plants in it. It also provides great bedding for all the bugs and worms which also help provide and return nutrients to the soil to keep your plants happy and healthy. We can provide many different types of mulch, depending on your needs, or special requirements for certain types of plants or shrubbery. 

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