Professional Sod Installation

Sod is a great choice for homeowners and business owners that want a lawn that looks healthy and full right after installation. There are many reasons why sod is the preferred choice amongst landscaping professionals in the PNW. Tyler’s Lawn Salon is the top landscaping contractor capable of installing your new lawn in a quick and efficient manner so you can get on with what’s most important…living.

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Why Sod installation in the PNW?

  • Sod if sourced correctly will be full and uniform with color and non patchy
  • Can be installed year round
  • Resists erosion and can accept heavy rainfall, unlike seeding
  • Sod is pretty resilient against weed growth
  • Many options or varieties to choose from specific to your needs

New Construction Sod Installation

Tylers Lawn Salon has provided new construction sod installation for many years. This is a vital step to completing a brand new  construction home for the homeowners. We provide a seamless process for home builders and work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines. We fully understand the massive amounts of coordination that takes place in the creation of a new construction home, therefore experience matters. Tyler’s Lawn Salon is here to help! 

Residential Sod Installation

Whether you just bought a new home, had groundwork performed recently, or simply can’t stand the dead or patchy grass in your yard, Tyler’s Lawn Salon can help. We offer full service sod installation to make your lawn look like something the Mariners could play on. We can offer a selection of different types of sod depending on what it will be used for, and install it seamlessly. After the sod is installed, it will take roughly three weeks for the roots to take hold and then you can have fun walking, running, or doing whatever you want to on it.  

Cost Effective Sod Installation

Sod is generally revered as a more costly choice when deciding between seeding or laying sod. That is true when you look at upfront costs, however you will inevitably pay more in the long run when seeding due to a variety of reasons. For example, seeded lawns are subject to weed growth, fertilizers, time and energy ensuring proper growth, and water erosion washing the seeds away. Sod can be installed year round, when seeding can only be applied during certain seasons. 

Professional Sod Installers

Tyler’s Lawn Salon has been installing sod for years in the Pacific Northwest. We have an unmatched approach to installing new lawns that provide you endless opportunities to create lasting memories with loved ones. We have perfected the process of sod installation to be quick and painless so you can get on with living and enjoying hosting friends and family or letting your animals run wild. Whatever your reason for sod, let Tyler’s Lawn Salon help create the yard of your dreams. 

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